Imagine a home where every faucet, shower head and washing machine provides clean, safe, purified water for all your household needs.  Torrent Water Systems can provide exactly that as well as peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

The HEP 2000 by Torrent Water Systems utilizes our exclusive patent pending filtration process which includes high efficiency multi-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) installed at the source of your home’s water supply. The HEP 2000 delivers the best quality water to the entire home. The unit requires a small footprint but yields large capacity with production of 2800 gal/day (10600L) when treating water with 500 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and has treated water with over 2000 ppm TDS.

See HEP 2000 Datasheet


Softer, cleaner sheets
Shower leaves hair and skin refreshed
Optional spot free rinse
Piping and fixtures throughout the home last longer
Wash vegetables and fruit with purified water
Dishes and dishwasher are spot free
HEP system only needs a small space and is quiet
Clothes, towels and sheets are soft and last longer


• High Waste/Low Efficiency
• High Maintenance
• Loud Operation
• Need for secondary storage and repressurization
• Need for water softening pretreatment (even more waste)
• High Cost

The HEP 2000 overcomes these challenges with our cutting-edge system making pure, clean water accessible to every homeowner. Due to its proprietary flowpath, treated water is always kept sanitary by eliminating the need for secondary open-tank storage and repressurization.  The HEP 2000 monitors 7 data points, and uses these data to make real-time adjustments to maximize efficiency, membrane life, and to maintain the highest level of water quality.

All this in a cost-effective, whisper quiet, attractive design that would look great in any home and does not compromise on quality.
View a full list of features of the HEP here.


1. What is Reverse Osmosis Filtration?

Reverse osmosis is a process that filters water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane, trapping contaminants and flushing them away, while allowing pure contaminant-free water through for use.  

2. Does the RO process remove all minerals from the water? 

During reverse osmosis, the water passes through a semipermeable membrane that separates impurities and contaminants while allowing pure water to pass through.  In order to remove the harmful contaminants, some helpful minerals are also removed. 

While there are minerals present in water that are essential for our health, we do not absorb them well in this form.  The majority of our minerals come from the food we eat – only trace amounts come from our drinking water.  For example, one cup of plain yogurt and two servings of leafy greens can provide an adults daily recommended intake of calcium.  This amount of calcium is equivalent to drinking 10-25L of water, depending on the source.

Torrent Water Systems can mitigate this effect through a proprietary re-mineralization process, which boosts both the mineral concentration and the pH of the purified water to provide better tasting alkaline water.

3. Are water purifiers and water softeners the same? 

Water purifiers and water softeners are two very different appliances. While water purifiers remove harmful contaminants from water, water softeners serve a different purpose. The only aim of water softeners is to remove hardness from hard water by substituting sodium for calcium and magnesium, resulting in soft water. It should be noted that harmful contaminants such as heavy metals and pharmaceutical chemicals are not removed by water softeners.

4. Should I be concerned about RO purified water being acidic? 

It is true that RO water purifiers remove the TDS from the source water and can thereby reduce the pH level of the water below 7, making the water slightly acidic. This is due to carbon dioxide not being removed during the process. Below is an infographic of the pH of different food we consume:

Commonly consumed drinks such as soft drinks and coffee have far more acidity than RO water. Additionally, with our proprietary pH Balancing Cartridge, you can enjoy delicious slightly alkaline water without concern.

5. Does the RO water remove minerals from the body? 

Some critics state that RO water extracts minerals from the body when consumed. According to a report by the Water Quality Association, several scientific literature searches have found no harmful effects to the human body attributable to the consumption of low TDS water, of which both RO water and rain water are classified. Nonetheless, the HEP 2000 includes a proprietary pH Balancing Cartridge that re-mineralizes the water to raise the pH to a comfortable, slightly alkaline level. This improves the taste and aesthetic of the water.