Torrent Water Systems Inc. has been designing and manufacturing water purification and treatment equipment since 2009 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Due to the growth in demand, Torrent Water moved to Brantford, Ontario in 2020 both to increase capacity as well as to relocate to a strategic population center with significant water quality issues.

Decades of local, national and international experience in water treatment and engineered solutions have made Torrent Water among the industry leaders and foremost experts in the field. Dedication to providing clean and pure water in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way is what defines Torrent Water’s objective of meeting the needs of its customers.  

Water treatment needs can vary widely according to site and application. Torrent Water Systems’ expertise, combined with its innovative approach to water purification makes it simple to adapt to the requirements of each client.

Technical Innovation

Torrent Water Systems is a highly innovative organization, combining decades of experience in water treatment with a novel and technically advanced approach to finding solutions with a particular focus on environmental and economic sustainability.  

By using a combination of existing reliable technologies applied for high purity water in the industrial sector and unique approaches to scale them down, Torrent Water Systems has developed a line of commercial grade products for the residential market.

These products are engineered, designed and assembled exclusively in Canada.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the largest factors in the formation and growth of Torrent Water Systems is the invisible but looming environmental crisis being caused by dumping millions of tonnes of salt into our waterways. One of the major sources of this salt is from the operation of salt-based water softening systems. This salt is having an increasingly detrimental impact on aquatic life and is nearing the tipping point of an environmental crisis in many regions. We at Torrent Water Systems view this as an avoidable problem, and we seek to be part of the solution by purifying water without the use of salt.


From Residential to Commercial to Agricultural and Pharmaceutical, Torrent Water Systems can tailor solutions to meet the needs of any application. With our standard offering which can provide upwards of 10,000L of pure, fresh water per day and a commercial offering providing over 47,000L per day, a Torrent Water System can be installed at any site, big or small.